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How do I Create a .img that will work with Altiris Deployment Solution...

OK, here goes..

         1.  I am currently using Altiris Deployment Solution to manage Thin Client devices at my company.
         2. Up until now I have been using the default image that ships with the current HP Thin Clients
             (T5700,T5710,  etc..) , with only minor changes, wich I have been making on the thin client itself and then
             creating an image from the modified machine using altiris ds.
         3. Last week I downloaded the trial version of XP embedded studio and created my own custom image.
         4. The image that was created is in a flat file format (Just folders and files not an installable image)

         So my question is: How do I make a .IMG file from those files that will work with Altiris Deployment Solution?

        Also I need this to be as simple as possible. I dont have the time to go through 10 hoop jumps just to make 1 image
        I know this is not enough information to go on, so let me know what else you need to help.

       Thanks, Mike D.
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1 Solution
Well, I think the easiest way is to boot to the altiris pxe on the thinclient, and create the image. Done.

Or of course install the altiris client on the thinclient, and then create a job to create an image

I've used altiris for years, and its been great, and I think if you create the image in the ways I listed you will be best off
hhhbtstechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input shankshank,

     But I guess i didnt explain myself good enough... So lets try again :)

     I have no problem creating/distributing an image from or to the thin client. The problem I have Is as follows..

     The Image that I created with XP Embedded Studio is not a .img or .exe file that altiris can use. It is literally a bunch of folders and files just like you have in any normal 2000/XP Install (windows, documents and settings, program files, etc..)
     If I were using the image on a normal laptop/pc then I would simply boot to dos and copy the files over to a
     formatted  Boot partition, and be done. What is stumping me is how to get the folders and files over to a thin client, so that I CAN create a .img from that thin client using altiris. As far as I can tell there is no way of distributing these files to the thin client with out them already being in a .img file.

I hope that clears things up a bit, If not let me know what else you all need..
a program like MagicIso or Isobuster can make .IMG files.

if the files you are making are under 300mb you can use the free/trial vs of MagicIso.

hhhbtstechAuthor Commented:
Hello Craig 200X,

       Thanks for taking the time to help out, but the first thing I did was go to google and search for 'make a .img file' and guess what I found :-)

         IsoBuster = couldn't even figure out how to actually make a .img file with it
         MagicISO = created a .img but altiris wouldn't read it in image explorer

       I might should have mentioned that in the initial question, but I didnt want to influence anybodys answers..
ok sorry bout that...  for Altiris, its not the same.. you have to use Altiris method. see the bottom of page 183 to the top of 185..


Create an image file using the New Job Wizard or adding the task when Building New Jobs. You can distribute the disk image file using the Distributing a Disk Image task. This task will run Altiris RDeploy.exe from the console to capture and migrate hard disk images.

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