Need to block Internet Site with proxy bypass programs.

Here is what I want to do.

Prevent under Windows ME the IE browser from going to

I can block  the 7 IP addresses and a few key ports (via software firewall Sygate Pro) but the site still comes up if the user goes to a bypass proxy like
(teenager goes to this site when my fiancé is working and her kid still needs computer to do homework-discipline has been tried and not working-obviously addicted to game but still needs computer access.)

I have found a workaround kind of with a combination of several programs but kid can probably still get around things by deleting certain files etc..., killing processes, etc...

I can disable Regedit, disable Add/Remove programs, but CANNOT disable his access to Windows Explorer (to see files), Process List (Ctrl Alt DEL).

So I need a program in addition to software firewall; that will be a cloaked /hidden/ stealth Pop-up blocker that will not be seen running in Process List, cannot be uninstalled, is password protected, cannot be deleted easily from Explorer.

So if the kid uses a proxy bypass the pop-up blocker will read the title of the window that says runescape and the IE windows will close.

I found a program that can cloak other programs so they cannot be seen in task manager and does not show up in Add/Remove list.......
BUT the kid can probably figure out the name of the program and delete by going to file explorer, Program Files, etc...

Be nice if I had just one password protected pop-up blocker that cannot be shutdown, uninstalled, deleted without a password.

I have tried a lot of parental control filters and pop-up blockers but none will prevent the user to get where they want by using a proxy bypass URL they key into the browser as mentioned above.

Thanks, Peter
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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Better still, remove Admin rights form his/her account, and use an IPSEC filter. I'm not positive it's available in WinME, but it should be. I've made an example one you can use.
Most folks never know they are there, and reguardless of browser it will block as it works at the NIC level, it's also able to use DNS to resolve any possible IP's it may have switched to...
pacummingAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
That should be no different than my firewall (SW - Sygate Pro) that provides filtering for the NIC card at a port and/or IP address level. However if you try to block the IP addresses, the site will be blocked. BUT---it will not be blocked if the user goes to perhaps and types in These kids know all these different URL proxy bypasses and new ones come up all the time. Try it.
Perhaps I am wrong but I think I am right on this one.

IP addresses are:,,,,,,, and perhaps a few others

Thanks, Peter
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
True, if one is using a proxy in this way there isn't much you can do. except add those proxies to the list as well.
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pacummingAuthor Commented:
And the proxies will keep changing....
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Yeah... if the DNS names stay the same, and your firewall can resolve DNS and block based on the DNS names you stand a better chance... still you have to know all the proxies they know. There is also the opposite end, rather than the current black-listing approach you can try white-list's, they can only go to this this and this site... but that is typically too restrictive for most instances. Spector-Pro is a monitoring software that may offer some assistance, keylogging, url logging, screen-shot taking, it also hides itself from the OS so it's not easily detected or seen while windows is booted. It can also block. (99$ I believe)

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What do you use for DNS? Do you use your ISP or your own DNS server? If you have your own DNS server you could put in a bogus IP address that resolves to that name space.


If you can keep the person from messing with the hosts file at c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts you could make an entry for the web site that references the machine itself (like and then it will never be able to resolve to the correct IP address
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
There are plenty of ways to look up DNS names, use an ip for and you can find ton's of DIG and NSLOOKUP sites, or just use ip's themselves and save them in your favorites, you get the IP's from other PC's you have access to or you search for a DNS resolution page. I think we the SpectorPro software may have some benefit in the situation
pacummingAuthor Commented:
I know the DNS names but not the names of all the proxy bypass stuff. My firewall tells me the IP addresses and ports but there is no port to lock down to stop the person from getting to the site or playing the game. So I will just use a pop-up  blocker cloaked with another program that hides any program you desire from the Task List and from Uninstall Programs.

Thanks anyway.

Will split some points for all of your head banging to help me on this.

Thank you very much
Even easier would be to modify the HOSTS file on that local computer and make an entry for to resolve to something bogus like

This also make for great gags too... add an entry to HOSTS so that resolves to the ip of his schools homepage, or a funny picture of a kid doing homework and parents scolding  :D
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