Setting up SBS company website and Oulook Web Access

Hi All,

 I have just got SBS server 2003 and I have set up exchange which is working.

I need to use outlook web access on server so I can view mails, or is it possible to use outlook 2003?

Every time I click on any of the options in _SERVER MANAGMENT-INTERNAL WEB SITE - Manage Companys website, I that page cannot be displayed.

I was sure it would give me page that had option for Outlook web Access etc?

Hope im making sense in what im trying to do and that someone can point me in write direction?

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You don't use outlook 2003 on a windows 2003 server bad config option,

by default yes you will have outlook 2003 however you must run the internet connection wizard and as part of this wizard it will ask you what components do you wish to be made available externally you tick the ones you want and it will enable them and configure them. Now they are only visible internally unless you open up your firewall so dont worry about that part.

Go into Server Managment tool and in there click on I think internet and email then in the right pane I think middle option top row you will see configure internet and email run that wizard and follow its instructions.

cstephen100Author Commented:
Thanks Michael,
That worked perfectly,
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