wsus and windows NT

How do you setup a windows NT box to get wiondows updates from a WSUS server?
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You don't, sorry. The WSUS client is only available for Windows 2000 SP3 and later.
Windows Server Update Services Frequently Asked Questions
"Q. On which platforms does the WSUS client run?      
A. * Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) and later
* Windows XP and later
* Windows Server 2003"
Well, put the Windows NT box in the WSUS group you have created in active directory. Then you must goto WSUS and move that server to the appropriate group, and then it should kick in
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
we do not have active directory. we are going in to gwedit.msc and doing this on all the 200 nd 2003 boxes what do we do on windows nt boxes
All updates for NT are static from MS websites, there are no livestate updates.  I think the last service pack is 4.5, and that is it.  Remember, MS orphaned this product 4 years ago, they dont care about it now.
thacloneCyber Security consultantCommented:
the windows server  update services was not developed with windows NT in mind. Thus Microsoft does not support windows NT with WSUS. it only supports machines running windows 2000 and above.
that is wsus only supports the following operating systems windows 2000 server, professional, advanced server, enterprice and datacenter edition. also for the xp and the windows 2003 server family of operating systems.

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