Why do some people advise you not to use a UPS unit with a cable modem?

A UPS evens out highs and lows, and maintains power (for a while) during outages.

It seems to me that it would be a good practice to plug your cable modem, router, firewall etc into a UPS unit if you have one available with sufficient capacity.

But some people say not to have the cable modem on the UPS.

What would be the reason for this?
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I have never heard of that. I always plug in users cable modem and routers to the UPS. It's the monitor which you want to avoid.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Can't imagine why you wouldn't want to have the cable modem on a UPS. As you mentioned, the only concern I could see is, does the UPS have sufficient power to support all devices. As a rule we always put modems, routers and such on a UPS, but we do use a separate unit. Some rural locations have "dirty" power which results in brown outs and Internet disconnects, the UPS evens that out an maintains connections.
Just my thoughts.
Yancey LandrumTechnical Team LeadCommented:
I don't know for sure; I've heard no valid reason not to, and there are plenty of reasons to use an UPS for your cable modem/router/etc:

Protect your device's ac adapter from surges
Protect your device from power drops, which can result in configuration loss (dhcp on some models, firewall settings, pinholes, MAC address settings, etc).

I wouldn't worry about it. Unless your modem manufacturer specifically says not to, there are plenty of advantages and no disadvantages to putting your device on an UPS. Of course, make sure the UPS can handle the load of the device, your PC, and monitor.

Now printers are another matter; you should never put a printer on an UPS since they draw so much power (particularly laser printers). Make sure they are on the Surge Only side or on a separate surge protector. But a cable modem or router should be fine.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
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