Windows 2000 Server needs a rebuild

I have a drive going bad 2nd one in an array of 4 - I have to perform a drive check that may crash my array.  - Anyway

This is on a 2000 Server - One of 3 domain controllers in a single domain.

I want to back it up and restore it in the easiest way.  I have Veritas 8.6 and NTbackup, tapes and firewire drives.  Can I just reinstall the OS and then restore the System State and all the files?  Do I need to install in a different directory first?  Do I need to put it in Directory Services Restore Mode?  Or do I even need to install Active directory before I restore the system state...

Any help on the easiest path to getting this thing back together would be greatly appreciated.


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In the past what I have been told is, after you install the new OS, fully patch it, and then restore the full job to the server. Done.

Have i tried it, not yet.

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If you have multiple domain controllers, they will replicate the changed AD items to the new server after you do a full restore so all you basically have to do is restore after the OS install.
mjdavey61Author Commented:
So you don't think I should not need to install the AD - just enough of the OS to do the full restore and it should all come back?  Sounds good.  Was NT 4 where you had to install to another directory so it could write all the files without having problems with open files etc.?

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i did a disaster recovery exersise the other week, basically as long as there is no significant hardware change, you will only need to install the OS up to the point of the first re-boot, then use the directory service restore mode(F8 during startup) to restore the setitings. more help is available from,;en-us;287061

thacloneCyber Security consultantCommented:
with windows 2000. restoring system state is just okay unlike with windows 2003 that comes with activation and all that. but boot to active directory restore mode to perform your restore.
mjdavey61Author Commented:
OK Guys, thanks -

We fomatted the new Raid device, reinstalled the OS, reinstalled Backup Exec to a different directory, restored the system state and the c drive etc. Rebooted - All was pretty good.   We did have a few hickups -

1. The add/remove programs would not work. - we had to reregister a few related dlls

regsvr32 mshtml.dll

regsvr32 shdocvw.dll -I

regsvr32 shell32.dll -I

This worked like a charm. My Add/Remove Program window opened right up.

2.  Had a major mess with the Dell Open Manage application.  It would not work.  There was some runtime instance of SQL related to it the would not run after the restore.  We tried to uninstall all of the components and then when we rebooted - lost the entire drive again....   - tried it again - same thing.... - restored again. Took the components out one by one - rebooted each time - all was well - reinstalled the latest version of Open Manage and it was back together .

That was a strange one but all the data came back and the OS was back to normal with no more configuring to do.


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