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How can I put a graphic showing a daily countdown of days with the amount of days left showing on the page?  Example;  if there were twenty days left until the event a large 20 would appear  and the next day a large 19 and so on with the announcemment only "XX" more days left until (the event).  Such as there are only 20 more shopping days till Christmas!
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Ben McNellyCommented:
It depends on what you need, but a flash movie might do the trick. You can open it using Adobe/Macromedia Flash and edit the actionscript to have it count down to your exact event.

here is a good example...
(download zip) ->

you can do this with say javascript as well, but yah... not exactly pretty, but you could get it to work I suppose.

Depending on your usage, it may work to have a simple system of the days each as an image, and through code tell the browser what image to display on any given day. This of course depends on weather you use php, asp or whatever... so you have a folder (lets call it "/countdown_days/" and you have some php (or whatever) thats hits the server (or javascript could even use thier system time) and bam it says get "day_20" from "/countdown_days/"....

If you need help with that kind of a thing let us know!

- Ben

Another way to do this would be with Javascript - you would make images of set of numbers from 0-9, and then your script would calculate the number of days remaining, and display the appropriate images.
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