How to convert all the tags in a string to uppercase?

one more question today..

How to convert all the tags in a string to uppercase except the URL in the <A> tag? A code example would be great.

string content = "<BR><br><h1>H1 text</H1> <BR> <H2>H2 text</H2><BR><H3>H2 text</H3><BR><B>Bold text</B><BR><I>italic text</I><BR><H3>Dette er en test med h3. Jepp!</H3> <BR> <A href=\"\">Linkname</A><BR><BR>";
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Its pretty hard--   you need a full-blown HTML parser to tell apart things that look like tags but are actually comments or embedded in php or javascript.

for example it's perfectly legal to have a javascript string    foo  = 'A valid hyperlink looks like: <A href="">';

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