dynamic disks

I have have 2 shared folders on one of the partitions on my hard drive, my hard drive has two partitions.... If i convert to dynamic disk (for mirroring purposes) will it do anything to the shared folders?? or will all the data from both partitions be there just as though it was ALL on one partition?? So will the other computers be able to get to the drives just like before??
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so you have 1 HD, 2 partitions, 1 partition has 2 shares, 2nd partition has nothing, and you convert it to a dynamic disk?
lsimmons85Author Commented:
the other partition has stuff on it, just none of it is shared.... and yes i am converting to a dynamic disk
Converting the partition to dynamic should NOT delete any Data stored on the drive. I've converted the the main HD to dynamic in Windows 2000 with no problem. You should be able to do the same.
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If you convert the disk to dynamic, the contents of the partitions will remain the same. You'll still have 2 partitions with all of their data, shares, permissions, etc.

To do software mirroring with Windows, you need Windows Server. If you're running Windows Server and talking about mirroring, you probably want reliability & redundancy, so I'd recommend a hardware RAID controller. With a hardware RAID controller, you don't need to shutdown the system to replace a disk (assuming the RAID controller and disks have hot swap capability) and you can boot from either disk when a disk fails.

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Read those 2 lines again, and again, and again.
Seriously, that is the best advice I can give you on this.
I agree with scrathcyboy unless you've got a very good reason to change to dynamic.

- First of all because there is no turning back. Once you convert your disk to dynamic disks, you cannot go back to basic disk anymore. (Actually, you can, but you have to empty the entire disk).

- Dynamic disks are harder to clone using software as ghost

- If something happens to your disk, it's harder to recover

So unless you've got a very good reason to convert.... don't!

If you're really sure you want to convert, Darwinian999 is right and all your partitions change into volumes, keeping your data intact. For you it's only a different name. But there is a technical difference.

But keep in mind that Murphy's law is still effective, so backup your important data before starting the conversion.

THANK YOU !!  RiDo78, you have no idea how many people argue against me on this point for lack of experience.  Your input was a "breath of fresh air".  
It so much easier to take advice when it's qualified with logic and reasoning.  Thanks, RiDO78!
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