*** POKED TIMER *** named issue

Apr 20 16:47:08 rage named[2541]: *** POKED TIMER ***
Apr 20 16:48:56 rage named[2541]: *** POKED TIMER ***

I receive this message pretty often and i have absolutely no ideas why ...

I run FreeBSD 5.4-p13 with named  BIND 9.3.1. Could it be because i have 6 ip blocks on the same box ? and the named handles reverse dns entries for all of them ?
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I assume you are on same machine exposing kernel traps. Bad RAM will explain such anomaly too.
Does the mentioned named handle only reverse entries for couple of networks or it does recursuion too???

Poked timer is when something has been waited for for more than 15 seconds.
rares_dumitrescuAuthor Commented:
it does just reverse dns entries.
dig @ip_of_your_server www.experts-exchange.com ???
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