Sorting By "FROM" yields same sender in three differtent areas

We have Exchange 2003 and run Outlook 2003. In Outlook when viewing a particular email folder, the user will click on the “From” column to sort by that field.

The problem is that one sender will be located in up to three different areas of the sort (some at the top of the list, some at the bottom).

For Example, the sender will have one grouping by their email address, one grouping by their "Save-As" in the contacts list, and there may be a third or fourth, some having quotation marks surrounding the email address or quotations around the contact name.

I have also seen that because a different user forwarded the message to the user and the sender had their contact setup different, now the sort has one more name to deal with.

Is there a way to keep this email address sorted together, or will there always be sorting issues because of how Outlook resolved contacts?
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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, rruppert.

There is no actual From field in an Outlook message.  The field shown in the From column is SenderName.  This is populated by the sending system and there's nothing you can do to make them all the same for the messages you've received.  Is there a way to get them all together?  There's no simple way I can think of.  The only solution I can see would be to create a user-defined property and write an Outlook macro to look up the email address on your system and populate the field with the resolved name.  It's doable, but it's not simple.  

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