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Hello, inside an application i have, i want to have a tool tip popup (its a baloon style) inside my program ontop of a control.  I want it to activate when the application starts... How can i activate this?  

I found the following page that talks about apis such as this.  But i can't get it working...
I am trying to get this working:

Dim balloon as New Balloon();
balloon.ParentControl = this.parentTextBox;
balloon.Title = "This is the balloon title";
balloon.Text = "This is where the balloon text appears";
balloon.Icon = BalloonIcon.Info;
balloon.Alignment = BalloonAlignment. TopMiddle;
balloon.IsPositionAbsolute = true;
balloon.IsStemCentered = false;

' show the balloon tip

' Hide the balloon tip
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I took my whole MSDN folder that it created (including the executable VS 2005 created) and zipped it to:

The balloon tips worked (it was all I tested, since it's the only part we're worried about here).  Let me know if that helps at all...
I just had a quick look, and noticed two things that may be a problem for you:

1) The code on that page is written for VB.NET 2006.
2) You've only posted the first of about nine code snippets for that section that are all needed to make the code you posted work.  Have you used the other snippets in your application as well?

You could also try to download the sample code they've posted at and compline that, and then try to see how it works?
Grr, sorry, just noticed I said VB.NET 2006 in the last response, should have been "Visual Studio .NET 2005".  The code snippets, obviously, are written in VB and C#...
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dawnyd01Author Commented:
Still does not work, i do have vs2005.  I did download the snipits code, i actually have them.  can you try this project?
Sorry for the delay, finally found our copy of VS .NET 2005.  I just opened the code that they had posted and compiled it, it ran fine and opened up the balloon sample form just fine.

What error(s) are you getting?  Is your code compiling?  If so, is the code doing anything?  Can you give more information?
dawnyd01Author Commented:
It won't even run.  can you post the code some place for download?
Did this help at all?  Do you need anything further?
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