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Adaptec Storage Manager Rebuild RAID 5

I have a server w/ a RAID 5 array, which hosts an Oracle database that I can not take offline.  One of the drives failed during a power surge, and now the array is degraded.  I pulled the drive out, put it back in, and now I can not figure out how to make the array rebuild itself.

This adaptec software is without a doubt the most useless software I have ever used.

I need to know how to rebuild the array without rebooting the server.

The help file, which doesn't have the words 'degraded' or 'rebuild' in its index anywhere, says that by default the array will automatically rebuild itself.  yet the event veiwer in the software says 'Rebuild could not be started for Array 'Adaptec 2200s' No hot spares found.

It shows all of the drives as optimal, including the one that failed.

Please help.  500pts.
1 Solution
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Try right-clicking on the new drive and making it a hot spare. The rebuild should then kick off *unless* the replacement drive is smaller than the original drive (and it only has to be smaller by one sector), in which case, the array will not rebuild. You may need to mulitply out the Cylinders/heads/sectors of the two drives to determine if they are indeed the same size.

On early Adaptec RAID controllers, there was a BIOS setting that enabled automatic rebuild, but I thought that that was enabled by default in later models and versions of firmware.
"This adaptec software is without a doubt the most useless software I have ever used."
Glad you said it, it is bad software.  But if there are no hot spares available, someone could have made the RAID 5 array with 4 drives - rather than the 3 active ones and 1 spare that is reccomended for Raid 5.

So you may not have a spare, this 4th drive might in fact be a necessary part of the array, in which case you will need another drive for the spare.  The array manager should tell you if the new drive was made part of the array, or if it was not.  If it was, the RAID array has already rebuilt itself.  If it is sitting there as an orphan drive, you might have to reboot, tho it shouldnt be necessary for RAID 5, look at its settings.
robpendleyAuthor Commented:
There are 3 total drives. (I ordered 4 new ones today to create a new, 3 drive RAID 5 array with 1 hot spare, but until I can find a window to bring the new ones online and image them, I need the original array working with fault tolerance).  1 of the drives failed, leaving 2.  I don't beleive the 1 had a hardware failure of any sort, I think it just got out of sync somehow.  I pulled the failed drive out, put it back in, and now it shows up in the virtual drive it was originally in, but it has a little green blinking light on it.  If I mouse-over it, it says 'optimal' and everything about it is identical to the other 2 drives (except the ID.)  Since this is the web version of Adaptec's software, there is no right-clicking.

Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier, I was pretty frustrated w/ this.

Ask me more questions if it helps.

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OK well a RAID 5 needs 3 drives minimum to work.  The fourth is a "failover" if one dies, it will write the contents to that 4th drive, or what should have been the contents.  SO if you only had 3, you did NOT have a spare, which is why you got the error.  If the drive is "blinking" it has problems.  SO you need to shut the system down (of course you cant) until the 4th drive arrives, if another one goes before it gets there, you are up the xxxx creek, if you know what I mean, you are running thin on luck and high on hope so hope nothing else happens before the 4th drive arrives.  When it does, do the following -

Put the 4th drive in, and try to transfer the raid from the bad drive to the new one.  It should do this automatically, but make sure the BIOS doesnt show errors when it goes in.  Only long after it has been made (next day?) then remove the bad drive.  Now run for 2 hours, make sure all is OK.  If no probs, then put the other drive in to make 4 drives total, and if yuo want to *increase* the disk size you can use this 4th drive as a part of the array, but then its "spare" function is gone.  Hope you understand.  Good luck!
robpendleyAuthor Commented:
I think you mis-understood.  I have a plan for replacing the entire array (as I can't find those specific drives anymore to add a hot spare), I was just trying to start a rebuild through the adaptec storage manager web version without rebooting.  I had a window on sunday, though, to reboot, verify the disks, and rebuild the array.  All is well now, not degraded, and I can wait until my next window to replace the array with my new drives that will include a hot spare.

I'll award points for trying to help.  Thanks.
robpendleyAuthor Commented:
Ack, sorry scrathcyboy, I thought I could split the points between the 2 of you.
You can, it is called split points, and you can ask a mod (under support at top) to reopen the question, but doesnt matter, just look for the split points link next time.
Just unplug and replug the drive. Adaptec Storage Manager is really bad software but unplugging and replugging the drive fixes that for me.

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