second line indent

points available only for solution. not for being informed it cant be done.
having said that:
i need a way to produce the type of paragraph format found in many books. where the first word of each paragraph is a larger size font. the first line is not indented, but the second line is indented to a variable amount, depending on the length of the first word of the paragraph. the third line and following lines are not indented.
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Hi rolo,
Take a look at the Format...Drop Cap menu item. The default enlarges the size of the first letter. If you want the first word treated that way, you'll need to select the it before opening the menu item.

I tried unsuccessfully to turn the Drop Cap into a style so that it would occur automatically.

But you could certainly record a macro that does it to each paragraph.

Sub DropCapsEverywhere()
Dim pg As Paragraph
For Each pg In ThisDocument.Paragraphs
    If pg.Range.Characters.Count > 5 Then
        With pg.DropCap
            .Position = wdDropNormal
            .LinesToDrop = 2
            .DistanceFromText = InchesToPoints(0)
        End With
    End If
End Sub

1) ALT + F11 to open the VBA Editor
2) CTRL + R to open the Project Explorer (if it isn't already open)
3) Click the + sign to left of Microsoft Word Objects in your document in the Project Explorer (if it isn't already open)
4) Double-click ThisDocument to open the code pane
5) Paste the code there
6) Return to the document with ALT + F11

roloAuthor Commented:
thanx a ton, needs a bit tweaking but the idea works.
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