Need to have two computers on network with same name

We have 2 new CNC Routing machines installed in our factory - we are a kitchen & joinery company. Each routing machine is run by a pc and according to the installers, the machine communicates with the PC via the PC's computer name. Apparantly changing the computer name to anything other than the default causes the machine to not function.

The problem is that both of our machines have PCs with the same computer name. This causes a problem when we want to connect them to our existing network. We get a "duplicate computer name" error. Both PCs are running Windows 2000.

Is there anyway to fiddle IPs/Subnets so that we can have the 2 PCs coexisting on the network with the same computer name?
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If you configure your computers on separate LAN segment they will not see each other to have any conflicts i.e.
So this way you dont need to change the Network names...

In your existing network if you have a router you could setup a secundary IP so that both computers could surf the web(assuming this is what you want) probably to download updates.

sure would be interesting what do you want to connect specific task computer to your network for?

did I guess right?


cdomiganAuthor Commented:
Thanks CKWT, I'll give that a try.

A bit more background:
The PCs need to be on the network because we place CAM files on the PCs so the routers know the shapes they have to cut out on the board. Both PCs are connecting to our LAN via wireless. They are connecting to the same wireless router. Is it possible to have that wireless router support connections on different segments?
Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:

Depending on the type of router, you could set up separate VLANs.  You're router will have to be a layer 3 router.  However, if you need these two segments to talk to each other you're still going to have an issue will nake conflicts.  In other words, if one segment is routed to the other, when someone is looking for \\duplicateComputerName, your network won't know how to route the traffic to the correct \\duplicateComputerName.  I would go back to the manufacturer and see how other companies using the same equipment (I'm assuming a lot of companies in your industry have had the same issue) resolves this problem.



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Desktop PC? using what type of wireless adapter, USB?, PCI?, Bridge?...

we'll need to know the router model, but I've not seeing a a wireless router do this.

Most probably you'll endup setting up the Wireless Router to act as a bridge and not as NAT.
If the router is set to work doing NAT your main router will see traffic from both PC as 1 same IP address,
If you set it up as bridge they will be able to have different IP's and still connect to the network..

So we endup having to ask what model is your main router also...

The word that struck me in your posting was "New".

I cannot imagine that you are the only customer that uses 2 machines at once and needs different names.

Push a little harder on the supplier's tech support and make them correct the problem.

Another solution would be a load balancing device - a farm.  You put the two PC's behind a virtual PC/Server.  Both devices (I hate calling them routers even though that's what they are - wood routers ....) refer to the same "name" which is virtual - however, the virtual device is set up so that requests from wr1 (wood router) go to pcwr1 and requests from wr2 go to pcwr2.

wood router 1 ------------------|                    /-----pcwr1
                                            | Virtual Name
wood router 2 ------------------|                   \------pcwr2
CKWT - Cisco Access Points Support Multipul SSDIs and Multipul VLANS ,and hence multipul subnets

I am interested as to what name these routers are using, is it the DNS name or the NetBios??
How to the routers connect to the host PC's is it ethernet/serial/usb

this sounds like quite an interesting one, but it could be that some jiggery poker in the host file could provide a solution if its somehow using a loopback TCP connection.

if so, you can call your host machines by different names within the windows config, but then modify the host file to use the specified name on both machines. This would allow everything on your network to function properly, as you would normally expect.

let me know how you get on - i'm intrigued!
Arthurjb is right. Call the installer or vendors who sell the machines to you to come and fix the issue. And when they come, ask them to install software that is for everyone uses or at least creating user accounts to access the machines. Example, Supervisor / Engineer / Operator / etc. And the Administrator account will have rights to change computer names and everything else.

Normally, manufactuing is using a device which so-called black box to help to wire machines onto network without any issue (such as same computer names!). But all of machines will be wired to an off-line programming machine computer. Such network for work only, not for internet access.

2 same computer names wont work on network altough i was able to do it u can do it with 1 pc of win98  & other of winxp of win2000 .
cdomiganAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your considered posts. Unfortunately the situation turned out to be far less exciting than first perceived - the manufacturers were able to provide an easy work around from their end. Not sure how I'm meant to allocate points in this case - this is my first post, but jocasio was the first to suggest this (obvious) course of action. No hard feelings to those who proposed creative solutions that no doubt would have been correct had the circumstances been different :)

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