Text wrap / line break

I'm building a row in VB.Net from HTML strings.  

I need to have a field in the row that is two lines tall, and only so wide (so it will force a wrap of the content).

I tried putting a little table in, which causes the wrapping behavior, but then it causes a line break.

<DIV id=RowX><SPAN id=Fill001 width="1px">&nbsp;</SPAN>

<TABLE width=100><TBODY><TR>
<TD class=AddRow>Add Message</TD>                        <<<<  want this message to wrap if too long
</TR></TBODY></TABLE>                                            <<<< line break happens after here, unwanted

<SPAN id=Fill001 width="1px">&nbsp;</SPAN><IMG src="blahblahblah.bmp"></DIV>
{width:50px;height:20px;font-size:10px                             <<<< not finalized, seems to be irrelevant to problem

What might I do to keep the fields in this treatment on the same line?

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Hi codequest,

I'm assuming you want 'Add Message' to wrap, next to img "blahblahblah.bmp".  How about something like this?

Peace and joy.  mvan

<TABLE width=400><TR>
   <TD class=AddRow width=100>Add Message</TD>
   <TD><SPAN id=Fill001 width="1px">&nbsp;</SPAN><IMG src="blahblahblah.bmp"></TD>

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codequestAuthor Commented:
Thanks for input.   Hmmm....Ok, I wasn't thinking to put all the contents of a the row into a table...but I'll check it out and see how it flies.
codequestAuthor Commented:
Didn't exactly apply this to the specific area I was working on, but did to something close, so I'm confident this is the right answer...been out there long enough, too.

So, thanks!
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