problem using 64 bit version

I am trying to use the deploy printer function in 2003 server r2. unfortunatly it needs you to load the program pushprinterconnection.exe. this normally would not be a problem except that i only have the 64bit version of 2003 r2 and all of my clients are 32bit and willn't run my version of the program. does anybody know where i can get a copy of a 32bit version of pushprinterconnection.exe?

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Do you have a DSL, T1 or cable modem -
You should be able to download a demo copy of Windows 2003 R2 from MS to get the 32 bit version.

Go to :

click the link for "Download Windows Server 2003 R2 for a Trial Run"

and download the 32 bit version.

Hope this helps.


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