Javascript ConfirmBox in ASP.NET 1.1

Currently I am using a java script alert box in the button command of the datagrid, like after button is clicked I am checking for a condition and if satisfied alerting the user with the alert box and then update the database.

Now what the user wants is a confirm box and when he selects yes the DB should be updated and no should exit the sub. How can I achieve this..
I browsed through meny websites but was not able to make out how retrieve the user input for the confirm box.

Please provide a sample to acieve this...

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Create a Javascript the function rom the ASP.NET page.

function Afunction(someArguments, moreArguments)
    if(window.confirm("Update the DB?\n\nClick OK to update or CANCEL"))
        // add logic to perform the update
       // possible a redirect or simply a return true

You will have to do something like this (Adding attributes to the web control button) in your page load event on the first time

// Adding JScript to the buttons to cause a confirmation action on the save
btnSaveChanges.Attributes.Add("OnClick","return confirm('You are about to save " 
      + nRecordCount + sNumberOfRecords+" Continue?  ');");
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srafi78Author Commented:
I am not able to figure out how this will be working as I want to add this functionality to a dynamically created button in the datagrid,

On clicking the button in the grid the datagrid_buttoncommand fires, how am I goin to handle the confirm box in this event?
srafi78Author Commented:
OK I am using a Farpoint web spread for displaying the data and using a ButtonCellType as the command button.

I donot see any propety of this ButtonCellType that is an "Attribute" I do not know how to achieve this...

Can I do get the result of the following function with out the onclick event...

   If Not Page.IsStartupScriptRegistered("CfrmMsg") Then
            Page.RegisterStartupScript("CfrmMsg", "<script language='javascript'>" & _
            "var slot=confirm('Do you want to slot the item in the selected Location?');" & _
   End If
srafi78Author Commented:
Actually how can I capture the value returned by the confirm MessageBox from java script into my
srafi78Author Commented:
Can I store the value returned by the javascript function in a session variable and use it instead of the onClick event handler?
srafi78Author Commented:
I added ahidden field to the web form and then stored a default value in it, then based upon the user input for ok did the postback again...and it worked fine for me....

RegisterStartupScript("popup", "<script language='javascript'> " & _
                            "var slot=confirm('This Location Selected does not match the Height Requirement.\n\n Click Ok to slot or Cancel to select a differnt location.');" & _
                            "if (slot){document.Form1.hiddenFlag.value='True';__doPostBack('" & EventTarget & "','" & EventArgument & "');}else{document.Form1.hiddenFlag.value='False';}</script>")
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