Int point to string

Is there a way in C# to create an int pointer to a string or char array, for example:

string whatever = "test";
int * ptr = &whatever[0];

I need to then pass this address to a function which accepts int as input.  Thanks ahead of time.  Nick

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What function? Is this API or managed function? Please give more details.
nstefanovAuthor Commented:
Just a custom function, something like this:

int customfunction(int firstaddress, int lastaddress)
   if (firstaddress == lastaddress)
       do something....
      do something else
   return some int;

Then I want to pass from above &whatever[0], &whatever[whatever.lenght] like so

int result = customfunction(&whatever[0], &whatever[last]);


I think that you are trying to reproduce some C++ algorithms in C#. But .NET string cannot be changed once it is creted, every function which is applied to string creates new string instance. I don't see a way to apply unsafe pointer to string characters, because string [] operator gives string character by value, and address of it is not address of string.
Take a look at String.ToCharArray function and String (Char[])  constructor, maybe this algorithm can work on char array.

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You can use string builder to marshal as an edittable string I believe.

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