IIS server URL question (Urgent please)

I have IIS web server and there is a friendly URL (DNS) too.

I access my application this way: http://cedat.mto.com/cedat or by ..Each works.
Under IIS I have the following settings:
Virtual Directory:
Application name: CEDAT
Starting point: <Default Web Site>/CEDAT
Local Path: D:\SITES\FILES

All the .NET code related to the application are in the folder D:\SITES\FILES in the server. Everythimg works well if I try the URL http://cedat.mto.com/cedat but how can I make the URL http://cedat.mto.com/ to point to my application??

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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

If you want to open the website through the IP address lke
Then you have to assign dedictte ip for your website.
IIS>website>select website>IP address

If you want to redirect your URL to the folder then

1. Through ASP redirect script : Create a HTTP ASP redirect script and upload on domain
'' as Index.asp.It will redirect your http request to domain 'softcomms.ae'.
Sample Script for redirect (make a index.asp file )

<%Response.Buffer = True %>
<%Response.Redirect "http://cedat.mto.com/cedat"%>

2. Through IIS host header: The Host header of the domain will be create through IIS you can redirect direct by IIS host header

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