How to create a working installer for everyone?


I created my program but the sad part is that its using a lot of *.dll and *.ocx files.
Therefore I need a good installer that runs on every PC.

I tried the package wizard wich in included in VB but it seems many users got problems using it.
Either they cant even start the installer, or somewere during the installation they get errors.
Sometimes the installer closes as a result of such errors, sometimes it continues after having pressed the ignore button.

I am working with XP pro sp2 I believe.
I know a low system is better to create installers but I dont have other PC's nor other win versions.

Is there a solution to create a decent installer that will work for everyone?

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Installshield and Wise are two commercial alternatives that come to mind.  There are a dozen (or so) alternatives.  Some alternatives are free/share.

Remember that users need to have PowerUser or Admin rights in order to run the install program.
I recomend innosetup tool from

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as jmgs says, inno setup is great.
no matter how complicated is your app.  inno rules!

some (big blue hardware company) drivers are installed using inno.

much much better than other commercial setup programs.

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