Problem opening new project

Am having a strange p0orblem when I try to open a new web project and wondered if anyone knows why.

When I click the New Project option and then enter a name for the project, select New Web Project then click Open Interdev for some reason then tries to launch a program called CCT.msi which is the Exchange Client Configuration Tool that I installed on my PC to give me access to my Outlook mailbox via hosted services.

What I can't understand is why Interdev would try and launch the Exchange client's setup file and in any case the Exchange Client is already installed and working successfully on my PC??????????????????

I am completely confused by this can anyone help.

Once Interdev failos to find the CCT.msi file (I installed the app using a Setup.exe not WIndows installer project) it then tells me that MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its components is not correctly registered if that helps any.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Many thanks
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The tracking and workflow capabilities of Outlook 2000 and Exchange Server (such as scripting and routing) are exposed via sample VBScript code. To edit or extend these samples, you can use Visual InterDev 6.0 as an integrated development environment for Exchange and Web-based applications.

Important: If you are going to use Visual InterDev, you must install its client and server components before you install Office 2000. Visual InterDev 6.0 contains an older version of the FrontPage Server Extensions than is included in Office 2000, and you need to be running the latest software for this evaluation.
Samm1502Author Commented:
Oh an then it tells me that the CBlankSiteWizard cannot start as a result
glad it helped
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