User is unable to receive e-mail from an external supplier.


I have a user in one of our sites who is unable to receive a mail from one of her suppliers. She is running Win Xp SP2 on Outlook2003. Basically the supplier sends the mail but the user does not receive the e-mail. When tracking is enabled on the e-mail it shows as being delivered to the user's mailbox but she does not see the e-mail. When supplier copies another user in the same location they receive the e-mail ok. Rules have been checked and deleted on the user's machine and profile recreated from scratch but the same issue occurs. Also when the user tries receiving mail in webmail she gets the same problem. This issue only occurs with this one e-mail address and user receives all other e-mails without a problem. Also junk mail has been checked and it is not being directed there.

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A lot of the problems I've seen with user's not seeing mail that has been delivered is the view. The will have the view menu set to see only read messages, or one of the other options. Another option is that they have the sort order set so they are not viewing messages received in the correct order. Re-sort the mailbox to see if this is the issue. Finally, perform a search on the user's mailbox to see if it is in an unexpected location. The only other issue I can think of is cached mode causing problems, though I would look at the other options first.


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tanveer_1476Author Commented:
Just remote controlled into user's session and managed to locate the messages in users special junk email.pst folder. Some how mail was sent to junk e-mail folder pst file. Still need to research how she did this. Thanks Ken.
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