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I haev a need to monitor traffice on my network, to rpovide usage statistics, and monitor certain "heavy" users. Ihave been using winpcap and ethereal to monitor traffic, however this does not do all I want, as I have a need t monitor traffic for a week at a time, which means splitting files as etherreal cannot handle files this big.

What I would like to do is automaticly import all my capture data into a database, access or MYSQL, however the only way I can do this at the moment is to export capture files to CSV files adn then import into access. What I would like to know, is their either a way to log traffic straight to a csv file, for easy import, or another way to get data into a DB straight away, or another program to do this.

I have tried using SNORT to log to MYSQL, but as far as I can tell, I can only get it to write alerts, rather than all traffic, which I need to produce usage reports.
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SolarWinds Orion will do this and put the data in an SQL db.  However, it won't do packet level - meaning you can't tell what the traffic was, just how much it was.
sam_coganAuthor Commented:
thanks, unfortuanetly I do need to know what the packets are, basicly I need all the info you get in etherreal, but put in a database.
sam_coganAuthor Commented:
I found an application called trafadmin which does this, for a reasonable price.
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