Getting data from "SyBase Sql Anywhere". (kind of a newbie question..)

Hi there.. first some information about the system :

The Webserver (for my webapp):
Solution : .NET 1.x application (mainly on VS 2003 .NET
Webserver : WIN 2003 Server

The Sybase server :
OS       : Win XP Professional
Sybase : Sybase SQL Anywhere 8
System-DSN : Wintid

* No IIS Installed
* No .NET framework installed
* On seperate server, but same domain as webserver..

What do i want to do ?
Connect to the sybase server, getting data from tables using OBDC connection (odbc best since i doesn't have .net on sybase server ?)

What i need help with :
1) Can i do this without using any *.dll files (connectors to the sybase server) ?
2) How do i create the connectionstring ? (i'm only used to mySql, Sql and Notes).
3) Do i have to import anything into my .net Assembly ? In that case... how ?

I found a guide but i just cannot see how i can get this to work :
1) Add a reference to the Adaptive Server Anywhere .NET data provider, as follows:
2) From the Project menu, choose Add Reference.
3) Click Browse.
4) Navigate to the following directory: C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 8\win32.
5) Select ianywhere.Data.AsaClient.dll.
6) Click Open.

This is the .NET approach though.. but then i would have to have .NET and IIS installed on the Sybase server right ?
I dont have any SyBase installation on my webserver (where my .net web app lies)...

Hope this isn't too vague, and that u can understand what i'm after here :)

Best regards
NCIS Norway.
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As I understand it, you won't need .net, etc on the Sybase server, only on the machine that is running the .net app (you web server).  The latest EBF for the SAS version 8 client has the .NET ADO stuff in it.

You could also simply install the SYS 8 network client piece on the web server, set up a machine level ODBC DSN, and away you got.  That's how I'm doing it where I work, though I'm doing the programming in PowerBasic (love having executables under 500k and only one small support DLL to make calls to *any* ODBC source)

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Kripos56Author Commented:
Hi there :)

Thanx for letting me on the right track BudDurland.. but.. the thing is that we do not have any installation-CD here.. This is because the server and applications on it was delivered to us directly.

There is something called "Open Client" which _should_ have been downloadable from Sybases website.. but they have restricted it, so we wont be able to download it..

Is there any other way to create a DSN, Odbc or something else.. to connect to the server ?
Any other connectors, applications, drivers etc.. which are free of download ?

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