What difference will an extra 2gb memorymake?

Hi Experts. I am running XP with 1Gb ram. I am using macros with Adobe Photoshop some of which take around an hour to complete. Many involve photoshop artistic filters. If I put in another 2GB of RAM in the machine, will it improve things, or would there be enough overhead anyway in the 1GB Ram? The files I am working on are around 40Mb in size. Thanks for your advice...
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
of course!!!

get 2gig.. that is a wise investment..

I have that runnin in my P4-3ghz  2gig system with Photoshop.. .and 40mb file will be VERY HAPPY you got the extra RAM
WinXP applications are limited to 2GB as far as how much RAM they can access.  There is not a lot of performance improvement once you get to 1GB, and an hour of processing is probably an indication that you are limited by your cpu.  Which processor do you have?  You may want to investigate getting a dual core cpu, since Photoshop is one of those apps that is dual processor aware.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

I would definitely go for the 2 GB of RAM addition this would give you a total of 3 gigs. note that a windows xp 32-bit OS will only read upto 3gbs. If you have room for 4gigs it will register it in the BIOS and System Info but will not be recognized in the systems properties. Just for the heads up. But in your case I would definitely go for an additional 2gigs.

FYI. If you were to get a 64-bit OS it will then register 4+ gigs.

Hope this helps
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
As a user of Photoshop 7 on a daily basis... the more the better.. i had 512mb.. then 1gig, then 2gig...

you can work with many images or really large print 600dpi images.
I would go to atleast 2 gb.  Since an app in XP (32 bit) can use up to 2 gigs, going to 3 will leave plenty for the OS and other applications.  What you need to do then is knock down your swap file.  Do not let windows manage the size.  Go into control panel and manually set it down to like 20 megs.  What this will do is force the OS to use the RAM for swap.  Swap in RAM runs in Nanoseconds (ten to the minus ninth) where as your hard drive is in milliseconds (ten to the minus 3).  Ram is a million times faster.  You might see some improvement there if Photoshop is using the swap file to execute the macros, which it probably is.  You need to take that option away from the OS....

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Definitely upgrade. No point going above a 3 gig in total as the others said But I would definitely upgrade to at least 2 gig in total. You will find that your system will run a lot smoother. I find photoshop quite memory consuming, doing the same sort of stuff like you I guess and I upgraded to 2 gig from 1 and it help a bit. I do however suggest upgrading your CPU aswel as that could be holding you back. Its all well and good everything running smoothly but whats the point if it isn't running fast enough!
I would take a look at the utilisation you currently have before upgrading.

When the macros are running how much ram is been used?
How much processor?

The other factor may be disk speed?

A quick check of taskmanager will show you ram and cpu utilisation. Start > Run > perfmon

You can use windows performance monitor to check all of the above and do some trending.

This way you will know for sure what resources are been stretched on your system.

hope this helps. cheers
NasturtiummanAuthor Commented:
So many good answers, mostly saying the same useful thing. Points go to jdietrich since this is what I will use. Thanks v.much everyone...
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
hi nasturtiumman... did you know that you can split points?

Before you accept a comment, there is a SPLIT POINTS link just above the comment box.  If you are considering the "good answers" it may be appropriate to re-proportion the wealth :-)   You can do this by posting a 0pt question in the following link:


Then post in the title "Please reopen to split points", and in the body of the question put

In 24 hours a moderator will reopen the question, and then you can award accordingly.  I'm sure the rest of the experts will agree and be appreciative as they did provide good assists.

Thank you in advance.

Aloha from Hawaii,

NasturtiummanAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I am aware that you can split points, but what is the done thing in this situation. If I split points everyone will end up with a trivial amount of points. Anyway, I am most happy to do so  .... N
NasturtiummanAuthor Commented:
Yes, please do that and I will award points in a more reasonable way ...N
NasturtiummanAuthor Commented:
I ordered that 2 gig. Thanks people...
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
cool. thankyou!
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