Mouse not found and keyboard issues

Hi there,

I am having trouble with a computer I am currently setting up. I bought a motherboard off of ebay a month or 2 ago and set it up with all the neccessary components (I have built many computers) I then booted it up but it couldent find a keyboard attached. After several attempts to get into the BIOS I decided it must be the keyboard so changed it. I should probably mention at this point that they are bothe PS2 keyboards. After that keyboard failed I opened the case and looked at the PS2 jack. It had a small black cross on it, which to me indicates a faulty part. Fair enough, I called the seller and he agreed that it must be a faulty part. However I decided to keep it because I could always use a USB keyboard... right? So i tried a USB keyboard... nothing, no response or anything. I sometimes managed to enter the bios but it was extremely delayed and only happened every so often. I made sure all the neccesary settings were enabled to allow it to work etc, but to no avail. Then on an off chance I unplugged the mouse and all worked ok, I managed to set up windows 95 with no problem (using 95 because a friend of mine needs me to). and now I am stuck, because I have now tried a PS2 and USB mouse, neither of which works, and when i boot into Windows, I just get a "No mouse was detected..." dialogue box, which i cannot exit, because again my keyboard wont work! Must be because a mouse is plugged in.
Any ideas how to overcome this problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
Hi with windows 95 you might have to install a driver in order to use a usb mouse ,the ps/2 mouse wont work because of the faulty part.
One way to get around this could be to install win98 if you can get a copy.
Or send the board back to the seller and get another one or your money back

good Luck
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
make sure the mouse is in the mouse port.. keyboard in the keyboard port

boot into SAFE MODE, then go to DEVICE MANAGER.. expand MOUSE, and remove ALL mice listed.. then go to KEYBOARD and remove all keyboards listed.

Restart computer. post back your results.
GWNet-workingAuthor Commented:
cant get into safe mode, as soon as i get past the ability to access the bios my keyboard stops working. I get a "BIOS Not Installed" error at the bottom and then it carrys on trying to boot. I have a raid array of 2 HDDs and i also get an error above the "BIOS not installed!" error saying "No SCSI Devices found".
GWNet-workingAuthor Commented:
yea. I think I may need to get another board. Thanks for the quick response.
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