CMOS Checksum Error

Hey everyone,

I've got a new board from ASUS via an RMA.  It's the P5N32-SLi Deluxe.  It replaced my P5ND2-Sli board and I'm having issues again with the new one.  The new board has is configured with:

Dual BFG 6800 GT OC'd video cards
2 Gig Corsair (4 x 512mb) XMS2 6400
2 WD2500KS SATA's
1 40 Gig Maxtor ATA
1 Sony DVD-RW
Enermax 600w Dual Rail PSU
XP Pro
BIOS 0308

You can see that I've put a lot into this system...but it will not function correctly.

When I first got it I loaded Windows 2 times with out problems and now it's really hard to get a desktop up and running.  You see, the timings HAVE to be set for the memory to or else I'll receive memory dumps.  So say I booted for the first time.  I enter the BIOs and make all of the settings to the memory that Corsair requires...I save the settings and reboot.

XP loads fine and runs perfectly.  SLi is rocking, video games are flying, everything runs like it should and life is good.  So I'm done with it and I shut it down for the night.  The next day the computer will not boot.

Now I'm unplugging it from everything and putting it back on the bench to work on it.  I pull the RTC jumper and set it to clear...wait a while, try to boot with the jumper in that location, move it back to default, pull it off completely, put it back on the default and eventually it will boot again.

Now it states that the CMOS Checksum is Bad and the settings are erased from the BIOS.  I understand why the settings are earsed, but if I don't mess with the RTC will never boot.  

How might I go about fixing this?

Thanks a ton,
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Try it with a bare system of one module of RAM, one video card, and cpu.  If it refuses to store the changes you make, remove the CMOS battery, in case it really is bad and is upsetting the boot process.  If you still get nowhere, return the board, as it does not work as it should.  I had to return an Abit board twice before I got a working version, so I can only imagine that the manufacturers are getting sloppy with their QA.
Try the simplest solution - change the CMOS battery.  There's no telling how long the board has been sitting in inventory, and a bad battery is cheap to replace.
inverted_2000Author Commented:
even with a bad would still POST.  It's holding the time and date values even when the RTC is cleared.
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inverted_2000Author Commented:
It should POST that is and it will not do that...
inverted_2000Author Commented:
Believe me....ASUS has my # blocked by now, but I could have bought a small island for what this thing is costing me.  

Scoring a Dell doesn't seem like such a bad idea any more.  At least they do all the testing (o:
inverted_2000Author Commented:
I'll post the results after I strip it all out again...

"Holding date and time..." sounds no good to me. This is a malfunction AFAIK and it could be a symptpom of something with the BIOS/CMOS that will continue to cause problems. If possible get the unit replaced.
No doubt that your cmos was corrupt, but you need to know what was causing this. Motherboard? Yes, can be. But can be the memory or the power supply too, already happened to me. Anyway change the components, and make what Callandor said. Good luck, you will need!
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