New DELL server setup. RAID card, drivers, arrays, etc


I shall be installing the new PERC 3/di controller for the PE server and then creating arrays and installing Windows 2003 Server. I am not sure on the steps for this. Mu understanding is that I install the PERC card first, connect the SCSI drives and boot up. It is from here that I am not sure on the procedure sequence. Could you help me? I suppose install the PERC drivers at some point, but when? Also creating the array. Before of after install Windows 2003 server since when you start the OS install it says PRESS F6 for SCSI RAID or somehting like that????

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after you install the romb components(raid key and raid memory0 for the perc3 /di, make sure the hdds are plugged into the integrated controller,( the perc 3 di romb componets turns the onboard scsi controller into a raid controller). Once thats done now turn the system on and while its posting the raid controller press ctrl + A when prompted to get into the raid bios and that is where you'll create your raid array. there are 2 ways to install the os, the easiest is to boot from the server assistant cd that came with the system and let it walk you through the process this will also install all the necessary drivers ( if you dont have the cd it can be downloaded on dell's support site). If you dont want to use that then boot to the 2003 cd and install the raid driver by using the f6 key (the driver can be downloaded from dell support site and a floppy is needed).

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We just setup a DEll 2850 server with 2003 r2 x64 last night.

The best way is, create your raid array, and after rebooting put in the dell server assistance. It is abasically a wizard where you put in all your information (serial, user name, computer name etc), and then it asks you to put in the windows 2003 cd, sit back, relax and watch the unattended install  kick off. The awesome thing is that using the dell assistance cd, you don't need drivers, since they are preloaded. As opposed to kicking off the 2003 server install normally, where you need a stupid floppy disk to install

u know whats funny? I didn't even read jamies post, and now I just did. so i said the same thing, ha
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Your best approach is to run the Dell OpenManage Server Assistant - you pop the CD in and boot from it - the server was shipped with one. Once you've booted to the CD you follow the prompts (you can do all the creation of RAID arrays and logical discs from it), and it takes care of loading all the correct drivers for your Dell server. Easy!
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