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Backup exec

I am running Veritas 9.0 and when I run a differential backup I occassionally get the following backup exceptions:

Backup - C: Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\SoftwareDistribution\EventCache\{31EDAD59-78F8-4CEF-9F4E-D27FD9D3B6F3}.bin - skipped.
Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\system32\dhcp\dhcp.mdb - skipped.
Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\system32\dhcp\j50.log - skipped.
Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\system32\dhcp\tmp.edb - skipped.
Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\system32\wins\j50.log - skipped.
Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\system32\wins\wins.mdb - skipped.
Unable to open the item C:\WINNT\system32\wins\winstmp.mdb - skipped.

Is there something that I can do to prevent this in the future or is this not that big of a deal? Thanks
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This is most likely not a big deal; I would recommend either excluding those files from the backup or just ignoring the error.

{31EDAD59-78F8-4CEF-9F4E-D27FD9D3B6F3}.bin is just a cache file.
The ones in the DHCP directory are files associated with the "DHCP Server" service, and they are locked as long as that service is running.
The ones in the WINS directory are files associated with the "Windows Internet Name Service," and they are also locked when that service is running.

If you do want these backed up, the easiest way to ensure that it works would be to schedule the services to be stopped using the NET STOP command (eg. net stop dhcp server) in a batch (.bat) file that runs before the backup and a NET START command that runs after the backup.

If you don't use DHCP or WINS, definitely don't worry about it.  If you do use those services, and you want the settings backed up (using my advice above), you only need to backup dhcp.mdb and/or wins.mdb. The other files are just temporary or log files.

Hope this helps,
If you want to prevent it, just deselect those files in your backup exec  backup config. We had similar errors, but of course there are always going to be files like that. With 10d you can use the advanced file open option and backup all files.

As mentioned above you should deselect these files. These are system files and normally the contents of these are backed up when you select the "Systemstate" or "Shadowcopy Components". You don't backup the files themselves. Also, these are open files and you would need the open files agent in order to back them up. Probably you don't have that agent or it isn't setup correctly. Normally though you should just back up the data and the shadowcopy components, and not the complete OS.

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