.iso File Editor

Hi Everybody,

From many days i am searching for a "FREEWARE" .iso file editor almost similar to utility like Ultra ISO where i can make CD bootable, add/delete directories,make it bootable. If you know any such software let us know.

NOTE: Please don't suggest Nero or any other burning utility and also IsoBuster.

Thanks in advance :)
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sagar_nAuthor Commented:
I have already tried cdburnerxp. But i need is a utility which is specifically crafted for .iso file editing than burning.
In cdburnerxp or nero i need to have a CD-Recorder otherwise i have to install virtual drive (like daemon).

That's why i asked whether are there any FREEWARE utility SIMILAR to UltraISO?
Otherwise i would have simply asked freeware cd-burning utility :)
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

Try ISO commander


hope this helps
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Sorry I Just Gave A Link And No Explanation.

With CDBurnerXP, You Don't Really Edit ISOs, You Can Save Images As ISOs And
Set Their Boot Options.

If You Have A PreExisting ISO That You Want To Edit, You Need A Program (Such AS WinRAR)
To Extract The Contents Of The ISO Into A Folder.
You Can Mount The ISO Image On A Program Such As Daemon Tools (And Make It Like A Virtual CD)

Once Extracted:

1) Open The Program And You Will Be Prompted To Choose The 1st Choice
2) Choose The Folder With Your Extracted Content (Or A You Can Choose The Drive With The CD)
3) Drag All The Files From The Top To The Bottom
4) Add or Remove Any Content
      Drag and Drop Additional Files Or Folder, Delete Unwanted Files
6) Go To File > Save Image As ISO
::: *Important Select Boot Options Check "Make Disc Bootable" > Click OK
::: *Important Where It Says "Select ISO Image Format" Choose "Create DVD Iso Image" > Click OK
7) Create ISO
---Burning The ISO---
8) Go To File Write Disc From ISO File...
9) Choose Your Image And Burn.


sagar_nAuthor Commented:

I think you are not getting my point sof_combat. I respect your idea. But if i already have a bootable CD image, then it is not possible using your method as the boot information is lost.

I am in search of a simple CD image editor like WinISO, UltraISO, PowerISO which is a FREEWARE for personal use.

I tried Win ISO, ISO commander but all of them are sharewares but not freewares. I don't know are there any such softwares or not!

Kindly suggest if you any such software :)
As far as a 100% free tool such as WinISO, UltraISO, MagicISO...
The simple answer is no there is NO FREEWARE ISO manager like that, you can get trials and limited use shareware but there is no fully functional ISO editor.
(There could be one that is very private and hasn't been noticed by many, but even before you asked this question I looked for one for months and finnally gave up and purchased MagicISO)

There is however a tool that will be available (FREEWARE & OpenSource) in the future that will edit ISOs. Its currently in the planning stage and they are still looking for coders. It will be called FreeISO, and I am also looking forward for its release, but the release won't be for a while.

When you want FREE, you need to make with what you've got.
My method will lose the Original boot information, but it will allow you to recreate a new boot option. Again, this is the closest your going to get as far as 100%

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sagar_nAuthor Commented:
Thank you sof_combat.

I will wait another two-three days to see any alternatives or suggestions available from other experts and then i will award the points.
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