Laserjet 4100 ghosting

Hello experts,

I have a Laserjet 4100n that is only used for jobs sheets and printed text. Recently all the text on every page has become 'ghosted' i.e. it's like having "double vision" when reading it. I know it has something to do with EP drum or the developer.

A new cartridge doesn't solve the problem and I've cleaned every roller I can see.

Will a maintenance kit,  which includes a fuser unit, solve the problem?

However, for not much more money I could buy a whole new printer.

I've lowered resolution, created cleaning pages, slowed the speed of printing, checked for humidity & moisture, printed a completely black page before each job.

Any help, or a fix, would be greatly appreciated.



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The Source of Ghosting frequently is either the Toner Cartridge or the Fuser.  Sounds like you have replaced the Toner Cartridge so I would lean towards the Fuser.  If you remove the Fuser you can look at the rollers and by turning the rollers using the geared wheels you should see blemished on the rollers similar to the Ghosting - If seen that is your source.  A replacement Fuser will resolve this issue if it exist and a Maintenance Kit includes a Fuser Plus rollers.  I'll follow this up with a link to HP to evaluate a possible printer purchase.

Hope this Helps!!!
The following link is to HP and provides assistance in identifying a printer appropriate to your needs.  Make a selection on the Right side under "Help me choose a printer"

Hope this Helps!!!
how far apart are the ghost images? That will determine which roller is the problem. Most likely it is the fuser. If you look at the fuser it will problay have a build up of toner on it.
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to be sure the problem comes from the printer, test it on a different PC.

Your ghosting is definatly the fuser and a maintenance kit would rectify the fauly, but you might only need a fuser, do a config page and check your total pages printed.  If you want to confirm that the fuser is the fault, then take it out and look at the rollers, you will find that the covering on the rollers is either dammaged or is peeling off.  If the page count is low (below 120k) then just replace the fuser, unless you have been having pick up problems, then replace the whole maintenance kit.
when you say "ghosted" do you mean repeated at intervals down  or across the page (depending on feed direction) or double image, as in blurred?  The first, as the others say may be the fuser, but the second can be a fault in the laser unit, in which case the printer is probably scrap.
Alternativly you could do a half test and confirm the print on the page before it goes through the fuser, if it is not the fuser then you will see the ghost print is there before the fusing stage.

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matedwardsAuthor Commented:

The half test clinched it. I managed to get the paper out just before it went into the fuser unit and it looked fine but of course not 'fused' to the page. Ran off another sheet and the texted was smudged. None of the rollers have a build up of toner or look 'blemished' so I can only assume it's not getting hot enough to do the job.

thanks for all your help


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