Update a HTML page via another web page.

I am building this website and I have "content" pages that will need to be updated, I would like to know if there is a web application available that would let my users update these content.html pages over the internet. It is not tied into a Database of any kind. I just want to be able to update an HTML page over the internet.

Thank you for your help.
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Many Web Development programs (i.e. Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver) allow you to connect to a web server using an FTP protocol, or they will let you create a copy of your web site on a local computer and you can make changes that way.  In either case, you would need an FTP connection to the server which usually requires a user name and password.  Your web hosting company could help with that.  It works quite well but requires an initial investment in software.

If there are "content" areas that need to be updated, you might also consider using server side includes, a php include, or a javascript include to allow chaning content on a page.  That way, only the content page needs to be changed, not the parent web page.

This URL has some info about server side includes:


If the updates are not that sophisticated, your users could create a network folder for their site by going to "My Network Places", add a network place and follow the wizard.  For ftp you can put in something like ftp://username:password@mydomain.com.  That will create a virtual folder for the remote web site.  You could update the include files with a text editor or with an HTML editor.
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