Trouble Accessing Win98 Shares from Win2K under Domain

I am having trouble accessing Windows 98 shares from my Windows 2K workstation. The W2K machine is under a domain while the win98 is part of a workgroup all on the same network of course . When I browse the network I see the Win98 machine fine, but when I click on it to view the shared drive I get the message "The account is not authorized to login from this station".. I have tried everything.. CHanged the local security policy setting "Send unencrypted password to connect to 3rd party SMB servers", The local setting says Enabled, but the effective setting says "Disabled", so I went to the domain controller and enabled the same setting under Domain Controller Security Policy, Local Security Settings, Domain Security Settings, still the effective setting on my machine remained disabled. I changed the LAN Manager Authentication Level to NT & NTLM on all three as well and nothing.. Is there anything else I can try, maybe on the Win98 machine. It's not allowing anybody to access it's shares. The Domain is W2K server, my workstations are W2K and XP and the machine that has the shared drive is Win98 SE..
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I would try and map to the share with the 98's \\ IP address\share name

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Try this: log in with the same username and password on the Win2k side in as is on the Win98 machine. i.e. you're logged on to the Win98 machine with the username "User" and the password "Password", you need to create a user on the Win2k machine called "User" and assign it a password of "Password". Log on with this user account and then attempt to connect to the Win98 machine. (This can also help with a test to see if you can connect to the Win2k machine from the Win98 machine)

You can also try to install NetBIOS on both the Win2k machine and Win98 machine (if it's not already done).
gguerra3Author Commented:
I logged in as Administrator to my Workstation (not the domain) and it worked! So for some reason when I log in to the domain it will not let me access the share. I tried marine's suggestion and it worked. Just wondering why it wont let me browse that share on the network, oh well. Thanks
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