Public Folder replications problem (as always)

Hi guys,

We have 2 servers Exchange 2003 SP2 on windows 2003 standard AD in the same organization, subnet, etc. One server is old and one is new and we want to migrate everything from the old one to the new one, and of course, we started with Public folders first and we're stuck there, the source server is reporting only this errors (below it's a sample)

Error 0x80004005 occurred while generating an outgoing replication message.

 Type: 0x4
 Folder: (1-69FCE) IPM_SUBTREE\DA Hiring\G Archives

 Database "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (SF-CORP-EXCH-01)".

For more information, click

and it's not replicating, and I read and read and read in the last few days a lot of topics and some don't apply, some gave me some hints but over all, no luck and I'm stuck. I can move the public folders manually, that's not my big issue, my big problem is the system folders (free/busy, offline AB, etc) and it's urgent, tomorrow I'll have to do the entire migration, and apparently I'm the victim of public folders replication :)

I did the regedit part to increase level of events, so I can track what's going on
I experience the same as many others, the replication message for  new server is Local Modified, and the old one says In Sync

Thanks in advance for all your help.


PS: I'll be in front of my computer for the next 10 hours, feel free to swamp me with questions, answers and details. Thx
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are the new public folders replicating between the servers?

if you create a new folder on the new server, does it replicate to the old server?

if you create a new folder on the old server, does it replicate to the new server?

has the hierarchy replicated.
sblankenAuthor Commented:
1. yes (at least teoretically...)
2. no (tried it yesterday and failed)
3. no (tried it yesterday and failed)
4. yes, 2 days ago (nothing happened), yesterday (still nothing), today - nothing
sblankenAuthor Commented:
in one of the articles, someone said that after the folders got an email address, everything else was OK, they started to replicate, well, not in my case, all the folders have email address, I can see them, I can do what ever, except they're not replicating, and again, I can do it manually for the public folders, it's not that resource consuming, but the system folders really is an issue.

Question: can 2 exchange servers point to the same .edb files? if yes, can I make a copy of the old edb files to the new server, and then have both server pointing to the new location on the new server, will this be a workaround?
Are you able to see all the PF when you connect to the PF tree on both the servers..

Have you tried to Synchronize public folder hierarchy by selecting Synchronize Hierarchy?

Is the PF content replication enabled or disabled? (you can check this by right-click the Organization object in Exchange System Manager, in the hierarchy, there is an option to stop public folder content replication)

How to troubleshoot public folder replication problems in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003

TechNet Support WebCast: Troubleshooting public folder replication

Do you see any errors in the application logs regarding PF replication?

System folders should not be an issue because you can reset them.

How to reset system folders in Exchange Server 2003

The free/busy data is stored in the user's mailbox so it can be re-published by sending a blank meeting request to all the users and asking them to accept it or use a tool called updatefb.exe

How to use Updatefb.exe to republish absent free/busy data

Regarding the OAB folders, when you rebuild the OAB the folders will get created again.

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sblankenAuthor Commented:
I called Microsoft, they fixed it. Thanks,F.
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