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Hey all.  I need some help designing a website that is dynamic by user.  I have an address book w/ users setup.  How can I create a website that displays different info for different users?  This if for several different companys to get in. I don't want them to be able to see each others info.  I'm running Domino 7.0.1 on an iSeries if it makes any difference. Oh and I'm using Internet sites documents and a custom logon screen.  Thanks!!
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Short description -> long guesswork... :$

If you use Internet site documents, all you have to do is use different websites for each customer. Or what do you want to have user-dependent? Do all users have to login? So if userA from companyA gets in he will see siteA, and userB from companyB will see siteB? Is that it?

Not too difficult, I think. Make one intro database, and a website database per company. The intro database will contain one document per company, with a Reader-field that is set to a specific company. All users should be in company-dependent groups. From that first document, you link through to the right website database.

Of course, this can also be done in one big database.
NARobertsAuthor Commented:
Actually, I was thinking just one db.  Usually I program our intranet in IIS w/ ASP.  This is easy, I just validate user group membership and then display info specific to that group.  IE....UserA from CompA logs in.  Intial page  will warn him that CompA has missed 1 shipment.  UserB from CompB also logs in (same site, db etc).  He sees that CompB has not missed any shipments.  He is totally unaware of CompA or that they are in the site.  The site needs to dynamically change based on data from system.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
So it is not a complete website, but it's a dedicated database that you want to make available on your Intranet.

This is easy too, using Reader fields. Several documents with the same name, but only one is visible in the view for a specific user group (company).

An inferior solution IMHO: it might be doable without Reader fields, but with multiple views with the same name, and view access rights. This is then hard-coded in the view, one view per company.

> The site needs to dynamically change based on data from system.
Pls explain...
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NARobertsAuthor Commented:
It needs to read from a db.  Each user is associated w/ a company.  Site will lookup company for specific messages/info, display status and updates and the such.  The reader field thing may work but sounds like a rigged setup.  Can it be done w/ javascript, lotusscript, formula????  Thanks!
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Reader fields a rigged setup?? Absolutely not. I think it's the perfect solution: documents a person isn't allowed to read he won't even see, they are completely hidden. What more do you want?

> I don't want them to be able to see each others info.
The best way to accomplish that is by using Reader fields. If you decide to do this using JavaScript, LotusScript and/or Formula (IMHO that's the rigged way), it'll be a lot more difficult to prevent break-ins and to get it fool-proof.

In such cases I always use two Reader fields:
- one with a more or less fixed content, usually a role for the database administrator so he can always get in,
- one that can be set by some user, e.g. to a specific user, a group of users or a role

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NARobertsAuthor Commented:
How does this work w/ DB2 data?  Also, what if UserA from CompA quits and now UserB works for CompA.  Do all the reader fields have to be manually changed?  I want the system to be self sufficient once its rolled out.  Users will be creating the data, do they have to poplulate reader fields?  They won't have a clue.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
That's a lot of questions in just a few lines :)
- With DB2 data? I haven/t the faintest idea. If it is data from a Domino-database, there won't be a difference. Data from an external DB2 source is a different story.
- Manually change reader fields? If they are filled in correctly, they don't need to be changed when users change company or just quit. You use the name of a group in the Readers field, or you can use the name of a [Role]. If you used groupnames like companyA and companyB, and some user moves from A to B, you just have to update the groups in the NAB. No changes in your database.
- So if you want the users to correctly fill in the company-dependent document, don't say: "this is a Readers field", but use "Select the group of users from the Address Book who are allowed to see this document", or "What is the corresponding groupname in the Address Book". You might even check first for its existence, when the name for the company is selected. Even better, only permit groupnames to be entered as a company name. The next step I never do myself, i.e. set the company name as a Readers field directly. Better keep 2 fields.
NARobertsAuthor Commented:
Hmmm... Think I'm seeing now.  I may be able to work this out.  Maybe I can do part this way and part another.  Or setup some other means to get my DB2 data into a view so domino can see it.  Let me look into it and see if I can figure that out.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Worst case, you can use a form to display user-dependent data (without saving the form as a document). With all the tools like embedded views Script agents, you name it.
Readers field works in Db2 aswell.

I did not got a chance to make use of the DB2 data for other sites. But in Lotus Notes Client, it works perfectly.
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