Internet Explorer Doesn't Open and Safari Unexpectedly Quits


When my client clicks on IE, no window opens. When she clicks on Safari, the browser window opens, but within 5 minutes it closes, and she gets a message saying it has unexpectedly quit. Can anyone help me solve this problem?


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First of all, what version of OS X are you using? You can find out by pulling down the Apple menu to About this Mac.

It sounds like you need to try some generalized troubleshooting:

1: Open Disk Utility, found in the Applications:Utilities folder. Click on the Disk First Aid tab. Click on the hard drive in the left pane. If you are using OS 10.3 or later, there will be a S.M.A.R.T. status report at the bottom right. Make sure it shows as clear.

2. Then while still in Disk Utility, click on the Repair Permissions button.

3. After permissions have been repaired, while still in Disk Utility, click on Verify Disk. If Disk Utility reports a problem, you will have to boot from your OS X installer CD, then instead of clicking on install, pull down one of the menues to Disk Utility and this time click on Repair Disk.

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P.S. here is some good general Mac OS X troubleshooting advice:
kara334Author Commented:
Thanks. I'll try this and get back to you. My client has OS 10.2.8

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Also make sure your client has at least 15% of her drive free. Macs do funny things when the drives get full.
In the past, reinstalling the OS resolved the issues like this with Safari, LimeWire was a culprit in this... from what I gathered on that particular system. Microsoft has abandoned support and updates of IE for the Mac so I wouldn't recomend that. Your better off with the Opera browser on the Mac over IE IMHO!

Best of Luck!

P.S. You can do a re-install and have your data left untouched, just make sure you don't do a "clean" install

I traced a similar issue (but affecting all internet apps I tried) to a corrupt Internet Config preferences file. Try moving the files "" and "" out of the ~/Library/Preferences folder to another folder (eg. the desktop), log out and log in again, and see if the problem persists. If the problem is still there, put the files back, if not, delete them. The client will have to re-specify some settings, like the default web browser, email client, etc.

Internet Config also holds a bunch of other settings related to Internet apps, so if she has a lot of special settings, it might take a while to get everything back to normal. There shouldn't be any serious side effects, but if you're paranoid, make a backup of the files.


Try zapping the preferences files concerned with IE and Safari.  They are in ~/Library/Preferences also and are called

Your bookmarks should be ok (which seems to be the main thing people worry about when deleting preferences).

One question:  Is your user trying to see a particular kind of file, such as a PDF linked from an email?  If so it may be something to do with the file being downloaded rather than the browser per se.  For example sometimes Safari gets confused about where it is downloaded PDF's (fixable by going into Safari's preferences and resetting the download location).  You can also check the Internet Plug-Ins folder both for your user (~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins) and the machine (/Library/Internet Plug-Ins)

kara334Author Commented:
Thank you Strung for you help. My client hasn't gotten back to me, so I didn't want to hold you up with your points. You gave me some good advice in general, whether I use it for this client or not. Thank you.
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