Failed to open the connection

I get the following error when trying to run a daily scheduled report.. "Failed to open the connection" not sure why as its seems random, I can run ten versions of the same report with diff params but only 5 will fail but the other 5 are fine

Ive seen other posts here regarding users and logins etc and have tried that already with no success
Im not sure if there is something going on on the network..

Heres the complete error code:
 Failed to open the connection. E:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Data\procSched\AZ18NT937.reportjobserver\~tmpea04459c367420.rpt Details: [Database Vendor Code: 12154 ]

When viewing report I use this setting:  "Use same database logon as when report is run"

Any Ideas?
BrandonCEO - JanitorAsked:
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Are you using a database such as MS Access that could be locked at some times because another user is accessing it?

When it does work, does it open right away or is there sometimes a long delay?  If there's a delay this could be a sign of a bottleneck in the network that is sometimes causing a timeout before the connection can be made.
BrandonCEO - JanitorAuthor Commented:
No, there is  a long delay and sometimes it works sometimes not... Im thinking bottleneck too.. the admins here seem to have fun , make changes and not consider the all effects of there  efforts. Any ideas where to start?
I'm not a network / operations guy at all - just a developer that likes to blame them for every problem remotely related to communications.  You might want to try looking at the log files on the server to see if they have more detailed information and might show a timeout error.

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BrandonCEO - JanitorAuthor Commented:
turned out that they were trying to implement a cluster and they didnt get the settings correct for the other machines.. once they rolled it back to one box it worked again... problem solved. Thats frodoman
Sounds like my network guys were over at your place :-)  Glad you've got it solved.
BrandonCEO - JanitorAuthor Commented:
sorry meant to say thanks not thats :) ...... you def. pointed me to the right spot so thanks again.
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