Browsing network neighbourhood slows right down with 2, seperate 2003 domains.

Windows 2003 DC. Domain called abc.local  IP address, subnet mask gateway, DNS server itself  Forward and reverse DNS zones.  Works fine. PC's can logon, log off etc.

I'm playing with ADMT and created a new 2003 domain in VMWare called xyz.local.  IP address, subnet mask gateway, DNS server itself  Forward and reverse DNS Zone.  Works fine for me testing migrating users etc between the domains.

My query is if I have both domain controllers switched on browsing network neighbourhood for computers slows right down, and I mean slow.  If I switch the xyz.local domain off completely and reboot the abc.local domain its fine.

Can anyone tell me why this would happen and if I can correct it ?
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Both servers are attempting to become Master Browsers for the subnet.  Turn off NetBIOS on the VM server and see if that helps.

You can turn off Master Browser attempts using a registry hack, but try the easy stuff first.

MarionTaylorAuthor Commented:
I'll try that and come back to you,

MarionTaylorAuthor Commented:
Netman66 - The NetBIOS didnt make any difference. I'll give you the background as to why I'm doing it if it helps :

Site A has a Windows 2003 domain, (forest root), with a 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x, 255.255.254 subnet.  It has its own site in AD with the subnets assigned to it obviously

Site B has its own Windows 2000 domain with a 192.168.4.x and 192.168.5.x subnet.  Both sites are connected by a direct link.

There is a trust between the 2 sites.

We want to migrate the existing Windows 2000 domains users and computers in site B across to the Windows 2003 domain which we will do using ADMT.  

Site B will have 2 new domain controllers installed that will be part of the Windows 2003 domain with a site setup in AD and the 192.168.4.x and 192.168.5.x subets assigned to it.

The reason I raised this question is because I was testing in a LAB the AD migration from one domain to another, which are in the same subnet.  The ADMT bit is fine but I get the master browser problem.

So, based on this information is it likely that the problem I have in the test LAB will occur in the live unless I can address the Master Browser problem and if so, what are my options about preventing it from happening ?

The idea is to switch the old 2000 domain off once once everything has been migrated across but they would co-exist for a short time.

I don't think you'll have any issues with the Master Browser since the 2000 domain is across the WAN.  Browsing across the WAN is not possible without WINS on both sides.

I think you'll simply have to create your Trusts between the root DCs and use ADMT to complete your moves.

You should be fine.

To test this properly in the lab you would need to separate your domains with a router and also put them on different networks.


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