unable to access server files using UNC path

Hello everyone,

I need to copy a bunch of files accross two domains. A full trust exists between the domains and we have been using this Trust successfully.
The program I'm using to copy this files requires that I use the UNC path as oppossed to the mapped drive option.

Here is my issue: within the source domain, I am able to use: "\\servername\c:$\files"; but when I attempt to do this from the target domain, I immediately get prompted for User name and Password, and it does not matter what admin credentials I enter (Admin credentials from either domain), it does not allow to get pass the logon screen.


Nelson Aguillon
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When you try logging on to the server, are you using the following syntax:

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
It could be that your DC's can't all communicate properly?  Every DC on the target domain needs to be able to contact the other one to authenticate afai remember.  If they aren't using a common WINS then they will need an LMHOSTS file each with the other domain pre-loaded.

BTW does this work for non-administrative shares, i.e. ones you have created yourself -- try creating one that has Everyone share and NTFS  permissions for instance.

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