How to compare Dates with Current Date in JSP ?


I would like to know how to compare dates with todays date ?

Example  In the JSP -

Date today;
     String s_date_now;
     SimpleDateFormat formatter;
     formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy");
     today = new Date();
     s_date_now = formatter.format(today);

     out.print ( "JavaDate: " + s_date_now);

 <td> <span class="label">  </span> &nbsp;<% out.print ( x_crewing.getStartDateOfMemberInShow(s_email );%> <br> </td>  
<td> <span class="label">  </span>&nbsp; <% out.print ( x_crewing.getEndDateOfMemberInShow(s_email );%> <br> </td>

The output is

Member   Start Date EndDate
Sarah       01/10/2006    08/31/2006
Alex       01/10/2006     04/01/2006
My question is how do I modify the above code - so if todays date is within the above date range  - then just print "PRESENT"  else print the dates as above.

Please advise


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using Date class is deprecated. But if u still wanna use it..following is the way

SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yy");
java.util.Date datestart = new java.util.Date();
java.util.Date dateend = new java.util.Date();
datestart = sdf.parse(x_crewing.getStartDateOfMemberInShow(s_email ));
dateend = sdf.parse(x_crewing.getEndDateOfMemberInShow(s_email ));

if(today.after(datestart) && today.before(dateend)){
out.println("NOT PRESENT");

you were getting error..becoz, the value returned from x_crew..... is not a Date but may be String.
Better use Calendar instead of Date.

hi, try this and let us know if u have any problems
sdesarAuthor Commented:
Hello ,
Thanks for the prompt reponse!

This is what I tried , but I am getting an error .. please advise
ie if Sarah's End date is after Todays date then I want to print PRESENT  , here's the code ..... please advise

<% if ( x_crewing.getEndDateOfMemberInShow("Sarah).after(s_date_now) == true  ) { out.print ("PRESENT"); }  %>

Awaiting a response.

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sdesarAuthor Commented:
This is the error -

 cannot find symbol
symbol  : method after(java.lang.String)
Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
it must be.(a double quote is missing).

<% if ( x_crewing.getEndDateOfMemberInShow("Sarah").after(s_date_now) == true  ) { out.print ("PRESENT"); }  %>

does x_crewing.getEndDateOfMemberInShow("Sarah") returns Date Object ????

Thank You.

sdesarAuthor Commented:
The x_crewing method returns a String.  
I was able to use the above code to get the data.
I will change it to use Calander.

Here are your excellent points.!!
Thanks Fargo.

sdesarAuthor Commented:
If there is no data then I get this error
javax.servlet.ServletException: Unparseable date: ""

Since x_crewing.getEndDateOfMemberInShow(s_email )) returns a String and the String is null.

How do i fix this error, I tried to check for null value but its not working.

Please advise.

sdesarAuthor Commented:
I figured it out.  I needed to check for null. Thanks anyways.  
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