Find Un / Part Known SubString in data feed Needle haystack


I have a lump of data to sort and need to find 2 Un / part known sub strings I know it consists of a number and one of many varitions of text. The text can be txt, texts, text, mins, minutes,minute the Number could be anything

so Lets say

a string of text look in here for this subsring 300 mins and we also need to find this substring 100 texts we need to assign them to variables and know there will only be 2 substrings one text, txt etc and the other mins, minutes etc (allow me some scope to input additional variations)

I need 300 mins adding to a var and 100 texts (well I need the Numeric parts adding vars)

$txt = 100;
$mins = 300;
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Could you clarify a little bit? Do you have text like:
"It took 300 mins to write 100 txt"

Could you provide a sample of the text you're trying to parse?

SkippythekidAuthor Commented:
Solved thanks m8 using

$regex_text = "/((\d{1,5})\s+(?:txt|text|texts))/";
$regex_min = "/((\d{1,5})\s+(?:min|mins|minute|minutes))/";
preg_match($regex_text, $data, $matches_text);
preg_match($regex_min, $data, $matches_min);
$txt = $matches_text[2];
$mins = $matches_min[2];

Ahh ok.

Ask for this question to get PAQ'd with a refund or something.
SkippythekidAuthor Commented:
Please refund sef solved post.
PAQed with points refunded (400)

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