Creating Form Elements with VBScript

I am currently reviewing somebody else's code and I am completely stumped.  It seems they are creating form elements in the following way (for example....):

dim objtextfield
set objtextfield = new textfield
   <% response.write objtextfield.write("email_address", 40, 40) %>

Is this possible to create an html textfield (where email_address is the name, 40 is textfield length and the second 40 is max characters) with just the amount of code I have shown?

I can't find where any function is called and the parameters are passed to it.  I also have never heard of any known vbscript function to enable this kind of code.  But there are no other includes or code and it works.  

The reason I ask is because I need to edit this textfield and add the parameter for read-only but I get an error obviously.  

Please help.  Thanks.
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This looks like someone has written an HTML generator class and is using it here.  Try looking for an include file somewhere that references textfield.asp.  

This line: set objtextfield = new textfield is the creation of an object reference variable called objtextfield.  If you can find the source code to the textfield class, you should be able to see how to implement disabled functionality.  

Perhaps it's something like objtextfield.disabled = true or something?

Anyways, let me know.

Phil / peh803
kruegersteAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  I was thinking of the word "textfield" as the html keyword textfield and not to a class or function.  New textfield was creating a new instance of the class "textfield" and it was in an include.  

Glad to help! Let me know if I can provide any additional assistance.

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