Accessing Netvanta 3200 using IP address

I have a VPN network with the main location being in the IP range and several other locations being,,, and so on,  I have recently put a Netavanta 3200 at each location  
and given it the address of and I want to configure it over my existing network, my problem is I can't reach it from my range at the main location I can however reach all other equipment regardless of it's IP address such as or Everything has the same netmask of Did I miss something on setup?
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Obvious questions first.

Can you ping the 3200s from the box you are trying to telnet from?
Can you telnet to the 3200s from their respective local networks?

lmurray_cfcfarmhomeAuthor Commented:
I can not ping from say: --->
but I can from
Same with telnet
How did you set up the routing? Are you using RIP or OSPF so that these Netvantas learn other routes from their neighbors?
You probably just need a static route in them.
Can you post a diagram of how your network is all connected?

 Main Location 10.10.4.xx --------------- Default gateway firewall
       Netvanta-Main LAN
                        WAN x.x.x.x
                             |p2p T1
        etvanta-Site1 WAN x.x.x.x
                            Site 1 default Gateway firewall ---------Internet

Which IP are you trying to access, the WAN IP or the LAN IP?
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lmurray_cfcfarmhomeAuthor Commented:
Main location -------Switch ----Gateway Firewall|
                                                  |                                                        |
                                             New Netvanta                                           |
                                      (lan)                                      |    
                                                     |                                                     |
                                       (ptp t1 not configured)                                    |
                                                     |                                                   Internet
                                             New Netvanta                                           |
                                       VPN / Firewall

I'm just trying to access the lan side of the netvanta which I can do if I'm in the same ip range. But what I am confused about is I can access all other equipment on the network regardless of the IP execpt these netvantas
I wanted to configure the netvantas at the remote locations using the existing network, I have not yet configured the netvanta WAN as I have not figured out how to do that yet.
The Netvanta will at minimum have to have default gateway pointing to the existing VPN/Firewall
Same command as if it was a Cisco:
  netvanta(config)#ip route

Then you can access them via the VPN.
Alternative is if the existing VPN/Firewall can do RIPv2 or OSPF routing and advertise a default to the Netvanta..

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lmurray_cfcfarmhomeAuthor Commented:
The ip route worked, the world of routers is new to me and this was a great help.
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