Very Very URGENT! Session expires on my page

I am using an ERP applictaion which uses single signon. It also uses cookies.
As i am accessing the guest pages, it shoudl not matter.

I have a link on one guest page to open a new page. When i click the link, it expires on me.
However, when i just copy the url and open in a new window in IE (New instance), I get it to working fine.

So the link is somehow timing out if the session is the same.

in html, how is that possible.
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tgatifAuthor Commented:
or how can i open a new session of window using html/javascript on a link
Not sure that it will solve your problem, but to open a link in a new window in html, you can use the target attibute of <A> tags, by setting it toi the value _blank:

<a href="mypage.asp" target="_blank">My link</a>
tgatifAuthor Commented:
sorry... i have a different question. this is what i learned when i was 13.
the problem is that session expires. i am looking for a way to open a new instance of brower.
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When you say new instance, what do you mean exactly?
Doesn't the target=_blank open a new "instance" of it?
as you know, if you use a page and login in that, then it make you a session for that page, and if the cookie set to true, then it works fine up to the time you close this page, it means that you could access everywhere, if you want to have new session then with open.window in java script you could have but because it is new page, it couldn't use your previous session, then you should read your cookie when you open new window, then your page not expire for you.

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When IE opens a new window (using File -> New Window, or a link that opens a
new window, or javascript that opens a new window), the new window runs in
the same process space as the old window. Thus it has access to the session
cookie that stores the ASPSessionID, and returns it to the server. The
server does it's work.

It seems that you other application doesn't know about the ASPSession
cookie, or if it does, isn't programmed to send that to the server. IIS then
thinks that this is a new session.

(ASP session state is maintained by the server sending the browser a cookie
that holds the SessionID. The browser needs to return that to the server, so
the server can associate the request with one of the sessions being
maintained on the server. If the browser doesn't return the cookie, then IIS
assumes that this is a new user, and starts a new session).
tgatifAuthor Commented:
Thanks. It was something else. Thanks for help.
Request for close.
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