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What type of SSL Certificate should I get: True Full Authentication or Domain Validation?

I have a marketing company as a client that hosts marketing websites for large companies.  I need to setup SSL encryption for a site - there won't be any buying or selling, just prizes given out...  

So, I will be buying an SSL cert from Tawhte - should I get the less expensive domain validated certificate or the one w/ True Full Authentication.  Will website visitors ever know which one is setup, does it really matter on a site like the one I described above?

2 Solutions
I personally think the less expensive, domain validated cert would be perfectly acceptable for your situation.  To my knowledge, a visitor wouldn't even know the difference unless they were looking.
Since you "host marketing websites for large companies", I would not save a couple bucks and have even 1 customer notice.

Imagine that call:  "Hey, one of our clients wanted to know why you use a cheap ass security certificate?"  "Uh, I was trying to save a few bucks."  "Okay.  BTW we won't be renewing."

Sometimes the answer is not technical, but strategic business planning.

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