I can't access MYSQL on port 3306 from the internet on a linux box behind a router, What's missing?

I have a linux box running on with my sql working on it on port 3306 in my LAN,
I setup the router to forwars incoming calls on port 3306 to

I setup linux box with no FIREWALL to see if that fixed the problem but no luck. iptables -F .

I even tried with sftp using port 22 , port 80 web server and I get connection refused. What could be missing?

If I use the internal Network everything works great but not through the rourter port forwarding, which by the way works well because I have other ports on other server working perfectly.


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On your box, try

telnet 3306

If you see something like this:

Escape character is '^]'.

This means mysql is running and bound to the correct IP address and you should troubleshoot your router. Depending on your router it may take a simple router reboot to flush router's ARP tables (hardware routers) or something like that from the command line (Linux routers). What kind of router do you use?
henry007Author Commented:
yes That's what I get, So I think there is a filter somewhere that only allows IPs starting with 192.1268.bla.bla.bla.  The Router is a belkin router. It's a piece of cake to configure, and as I said above it works on other OS's . What do you think ?
If you get "connection refused" for :21 and :80 connects I would take a look at /etc/hosts.deny & /etc/hosts.allow. Interesting though.

Does your belin router have any admin testing tools (at least ping)?
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  tcpdump -l -n port 3306
on your linux box, then try to connect from internet, if you don't see anything then it's a router problem

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henry007Author Commented:
I don't see anything. Nothing at al.  Mmmm the router is doing it job on other servers, I'll swap it just for the heck of it.
henry007Author Commented:
It's the router, I installed a linksys router and allow me to get through. I wonder why Belikin router won't budge, it works on windoze servers but not linux servers, Well I think I have to call the tech support in india and ask them why in the world is not forwarding to linux servers.

Thanks to all
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