Powerbuilder Resource File Not Loading Pics


I'm working on a third party PB app which has one resource file referenced in the Project object (in the main Resource File Name edit box at the top of the project window).  The pbr references bitmaps that are stored in the pbr's directory.

After deploying the app, the resource pictures are not displaying even though the resource name is referenced correctly in the Resource Name edit box in the project object.

I tried to type the resource pbr name in a Resource edit box directly next to one of the pbl's that references a pbr bitmap then deployed app again - this didn't change the issue.

Any suggestions on what else to look for to resolve this?
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kinda strange issue...

try copying all ur bitmaps in ur application directory...


try to look if full path is placed for your pictures, for example if they are in a datawindow check for file name property, if they are then it must be removed so your deployed app can take the resource from your EXE file and not from path. It must said only filename and not full path:

Ex. if it said:
c:\my folder\pbr\image1.bmp

Change to:



Hi ssebring,

Is it the same problem which you asked earlier ?


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ssebringAuthor Commented:

One of the icons not appearing during the app run is 'pic1.bmp' referenced in m_mdi (no path - name only).

The .bmp is one of the resource.pbr items.

I tried clicking the ToolbarItemName item search button next to the pic1.bmp edit box then selected the .bmp directly from the directory - this pulled the full path in and showed the icon next to the name.  From here, I then removed the path so that the name was w/out path in the edit box, saved m_mdi then ran the app from pb -- pic1.bmp and all the other culprit icons appeared this time during the devl PB run.

Tried deploying the app right after the first m_mdi save (when the icons were all there) but the icons didn't display in the .exe run - the .pbr file is not being 'seen' for whatever reason.

Tried moving the RESOURCE directory to the development source code directory and also to the deployment exe directory - neither worked.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

btw: yes, this was the same issue as


I had accepted answers too early - the problem still existed.  Wasn't sure how to reopen a discussion while awarding more points so started a new dialogue.

Let me explain you with example,

1) say your application directory is c:\myapp
2) and have two pbls in that directory...
3) your menu object is in main.pbl.
4) in menu you have used pic1.bmp which is also in the same directory c:\myapp
( becoz as you said you removed the path of that file but in development environment runtime it displays the icon)
5) now you create new myapp.pbr file it should look like this ( c:\myapp\myapp.pbr)


( becoz all picture files are in the same directory where your pbls are )
6) now when you build application, put c:\myapp\myapp.pbr against all pbls as well as against exe path.

( against all pbls means there is a provision to select resource file against each pbl)

7) now build exe and see

If this works for you no need to give points for my answer as you already given point to me for the same problem.


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ssebringAuthor Commented:

Many thanks!  My confusement was in putting all resource files directly into the directory where the application object's .pbl resided.  The directory structure here is one .pbl per directory so I wasn't quite getting the point.  Thanks for your reply - everything is now working.
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