Problems saving files

I have a Windos 2003 Server setup as a file server. This server is not a domain controller, my network is a workgroup. I have a share on that server to which all my users connect to. This share has word documents. The problem that I am having is that when a user opens up a word document that resides on the server, ( the users open the document from his desktop) and tries to save the document or do a save as...nothing happpens...the document does not get saved and the user just gets an hour glass in the mouse and nothing happens at all...does anyone know why this may be happening??...the users local computer account also was also created on the server with the same user name and password. That local server account has full rights to the file...the sharing permission are setup s full access to everyone and the file permission givesd also the user full rights..i dont think it is a permission issue since i do not get any permission denied error messages...............can anyone help me please???? jsut not able to save or do a save as any files that reside on the server....thanks..

( also no other user has the same file open when i am trying t do the save)
James HilloyaAsked:
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Try enabling the Guest account on the server and giving it another shot.

What happens if you try to copy the file from the server to the pc then modify with some spaces or something and try to copy back.

All you are testing for here is connectivity between your pc and the server and the ability to read and write to the server.


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Also Can you create a notepad document on the server and save some data in it from the workstation using notepad.

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James HilloyaAuthor Commented:
I have enabled the guest account,,,,,,,,still no luck,,,, if i copy a file from the server to my local computer and make changes to it then copy back to the server i have no problems....the file shows on the server with the changes.....i created a note pad document on the server and then save problem, but when i open that document again and click on  "save as"....the window that suppose to popup that should allow me to enter a new file name never shows jsut hangs and if i try to click on the red x to close it i get the "this program is no responding" dialog...........any ideas please?
Have you got any antivirus running, if so can you disable it and try again, what is the windows version of the client computers.

Can you watch taskmanager when you are trying to do this task is there anything running or taking up the processor at that time, if you right click on the task bar and select task manager, then click on the process tab and sort it by cpu.

Thinking of a couple things that mght help.  Or they all could be a complete waste of time.

Make sure you specify a DNS suffix for the network connection on both the fileserver and the client machine.  Should speed up performance at a minimum.

How are they mapping the network drives?  Are they specifying their user name in the login script? If something different, then maybe that user account doesn't have permissions to make changes (Share or NTFS).

Check the Tools | Options | File Locations in Word.  Where is it trying to go?  The Save As function should be trying to access this location.  Does the user have access to this location?  I know it doesn't explain the notepad issue.
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Windows Server 2003

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