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Cannot get Mysql work on Redhat Enterprise 4

Hi experts,

I am running Rehdat enterprise 4 linux and Mysql MySQL-server5.0.19-0
i get the following with
# mysqladmin ping
mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
error: 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)'
Check that mysqld is running and that the socket: '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' exists!

and when try to start the mysql server
# /etc/init.d/mysql restart
MySQL manager or server PID file could not be found!       [FAILED]
Starting MySQLCouldn't find MySQL manager or server        [FAILED]

it looks like mysql is not running on my server
# ps -ef | grep mysql
root      4177  3931  0 16:21 pts/1    00:00:00 grep mysql

/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock actually does not exists on my system.

i would appreciate any help on this issue


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1 Solution
did you remove mysql 4 before installing 5.0.19?

What was your ./configure line when you were building it?
Yes, more info needed.  How did you install and configure Mysql?

You might find it useful to do "locate mysql.sock" to make sure it hasn't been created in a different location from what's in your my.cnf file.  

Also, have you looked at the my.cnf file at all and made sure that it has what you need?
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
yes i did remove mysql 4 before installing 5.0.19
i used the rpm packages from the mysql website , so i did not have to use ./configure command.

i have installed these packages from the mysql website

           MySQL-client-standard 5.0.19-0.rhel3       
           MySQL-server-standard 5.0.19-0.rhel3       
           MySQL-shared-compat 5.0.19-0.rhel3
           MySQL-shared-standard 5.0.19-0.rhel3

after this i did not make any configurations because i cannot get it worked.

also here is the copy of my.cnf file
# Default to using old password format for compatibility with mysql 3.x
# clients (those using the mysqlclient10 compatibility package).

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I would strongly suggest you to use


instead of MySQL's RPM. You can get this one from RHN, it's a part of  Red Hat Web Application Stack 1.0 Beta.

cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
how should i go with a clean uninstall of the current version of Mysql and then
install the version you mention.

i don't wana do it my way, which is using webmin.
is there any other you can recomend.

rpm -e MySQL-client-standard MySQL-server-standard MySQL-shared-compat MySQL-shared-standard

from the command line. This will leave behind some backups of my.cnf and maybe other files, when you run this command it'll tell you something like

my.cnf.backup saved as a backup...

delete all these files manually, then you should be good to go to install the new one. If you see any other output while you are removing the RPMs, post it here.
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
i get this message

]# rpm -e MySQL-client-standard MySQL-server-standard MySQL-share d-compat MySQL-shared-standard
error: Failed dependencies:
        libmysqlclient.so.10 is needed by (installed) MyODBC-2.50.39-21.RHEL4.1. i386
        libmysqlclient.so.14 is needed by (installed) cyrus-sasl-sql-2.1.19-5.EL 4.i386
        libmysqlclient.so.14 is needed by (installed) dovecot-0.99.11-2.EL4.1.i3 86

i also have a subscription to redhat network for tech support, i could not find the mysql-5.0.18-4.el4s1.1.i386 there
how can i get this version?
i could not find it on rpmfinder website as well

ok, add those rpms to the list you are removing:

rpm -e MySQL......  MyODBC cyrus-sasl-sql dovecot

If you need them you can reinstall them later once you install the new MySQL.

To get it from RHN, log in into RHN, (rhn.redhat.com), click "Channels" in the red main menu bar, one of the channels listed is named:

 Red Hat Web Application Stack 1.0 Beta (for ES v. 4 x86)

Click that,  in the small menu where it says Details - Errata - Packages click Packages, they should be on the first page.
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
that worked,
thanks for your help
you're welcome, thanks for the points ;)

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